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Introducing Michelle Okafor African Designs
These are the glimpses of dresses designed by Michelle that show the fusion of traditional & modern style of dressing

Michelle Okafor has just recently started her own business making african print dresses based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Michelle designer dresses collection is unlike anything it has been in the past. With all new styles, fits, silhouettes and fabrics, Michelle’s designer dresses spans over many different looks including classic and conservative, fashion-forward and trendy as well as simple and stylish.

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Say there’s a City of art-cultural people whom just blows your mind away with their skillful designs and creativity, and its just a click away on your Internet, featuring SA Creative Network…
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They say “Works of art can tell stories or simply express an aesthetic truth or feeling” and at SA Creatives we seeing just that in so many ways.

They are all about: a platform where creatives, thought leaders and idea engineers inspire and get inspired. It’s a platform where individuals can connect with fellow creatives, promote their work, share ideas and collaborate with like-minded individuals. We dish out original content supplied by creative pioneers from industries ranging from fine arts, design and film through to advertising. Furthermore we provide much needed creative news for those who want to be in the know and also believe that “Behind every good idea is an awesome collection of idea engineers”

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South African fashion shoot in Norway.

We had loads of fun and stress, shooting our first Spring/Summer range last month. The clothes, as you all know now, are from South African designers and are just fantastic.
Mads was the photographer, and he shot for over 12 hours in studio. The lovely ladies involved were students who volunteered their time and beautiful faces for the sake of promoting S.A. fashion and spirit in Norway.

Below are a few pics, soon they will be up on the website where you can shop for the items.